Working for an eclectic woman can be vastly entertaining

Thursday, January 08, 2004

2:46 pm

Stella has yet to arrive in the office. I did speak to her on the phone. She's working on something at home, so she'll "be in late." I'm hoping that she will not arrive right now. There are at least five fire trucks outside (blocking the entry for her parking) and several aid units and police cars. We cannot determine what is going on, but it is big. They appear to be focusing on the apartment buildings across the street, but it is distracting nonetheless. If she were to arrive, there would be the inevitable cell phone call to me and I'd have to explain what I have no ability to explain.

Her corporate headshot arrived in the mail today. She will be very excited about that. I believe she was saying that she was going to have an 8 x 10 made to put up at her house because she has no pictures of herself. I was relieved that she liked it so well since I selected the photographer. That is a touchy one to be responsbile for. She's very attractive, yet surprisingly not very photogenic. I think that it may be just the whole act of having a picture taken. She doesn't like to have her picture taken, but then again, who does?

I've put out the tupperware with the decoy chexmix. The last batch I brought in was largely consumed by Stella as soon as I opened it, and I did not consume any after realizing that as she was talking to me, little crumbs of chex were flying from her lips back into the mix. I think that she only subconsciously realized that she was spewing into the snack. Now I have the decoy container and a little sandwich bag with some that is safe for my consumption.

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